We service all kinds of Hydraulics and Pneumatic Cylinders including:

  • Heavy Equipment Cylinders

  • Farm Equipment Cylinders

  • Lift Cylinders

  • Industrial Cylinders


We can also handle all your hydraulic pump install and service needs!


Our on site services include:

Hydraulic system fluid filtration (capable of filtering to ISO standards)

Mobile hose repair / replacement  (on the truck or in your facility)

Hydraulic system filter servicing

Hydraulic system fluid analysis study

Hydraulic system fluid replacement & disposal

General hydraulic services (Including heavy equipment hydraulic services)

Hydraulic system troubleshooting / repair / improvements

Pneumatic system troubleshooting / repair / improvements

Installation of kidney loop cooling systems (including controls)

System documentation (Bill of material, schematics)

Hydraulic system safety modification

   ( Lockable Valves, Pilot operated check valves, Accumulator isolation valves, Integrated safety solutions by B3 Electric, LLC )


Replacement Parts and Materials:

  We stock a wide aray of hydraulic system parts and materials!  These include:

     Hydraulic fluid

     Pelletized oil absorbant

     Shop towels and hand cleaner

     Pressure guages

     Pressure switches

     Pressure transmitters

     Solenoid valves

     Fittings and adapters

     O-rings and seals


  We can quickly price and order system components from our distribution partners.  Common

  items that we order include:

     New pumps

     New cylinders

     Hydraulic fluid cooling systems and replacement parts

     Custom Hydraulic Power Units

     Filters (Parker, WIX, and Aeroquip)

     Solenoid valves, manifolds, and components

     Hydraulic Safety components

     Hydraulic system control devices

     Hydraulic driven gear box components







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